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2018 IEEE Seventh International Conference on Communications and Electronics



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Department Electronic & Computer Eng.

Research Area

Bui Viet Khoi:
• Network connectivity applications in optical data transmission and multi-processor computer architecture.
• high-speed optical communication system
• Components of new optoelectronic applications in optical communication.
Hoang Manh Thang:
• nonlinear signal processing
• System and application on electromagnetic
Nguyen Duc Minh City:
• Digital Systems Design
• IC Design for Communication System
• Embedded System Co-Design
• Formal Verification of SoC and Embedded Systems
Nguyen Hoang Dung:
• Research, design, manufacturing, high-speed camera system.
• Research, design, manufacturing, embedded systems for specific purposes.
Nguyen Thanh Binh:
• Grid Computing
• Workflow Language (workflow)
Nguyen Tien Dung:
• Image processing, image coding and applications
• Computer Vision 2D and 3D medical diagnostic support
• Intelligent Transport Systems ITS
• Application of image processing techniques on the rescue robot and find a way
Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa.:
• The video signal processing.
• Video streaming
• The neural network and applications
Nguyen Quang Minh City:
• The ontology-based knowledge system
• Semantic Web and information integration
• Portals and application architecture

Pham Doan Tinh:
• Look at the positioning algorithm and calculate the position for adhoc and sensor networks.
• Research the application of machine learning methods applied to the analysis of data in wireless networks and the Zigbee network testbed deployment.
Pham Ngoc Nam:
• embedded system design, configuration calculations.
• Multimedia
Pham Nguyen Thanh Loan:
• low-power analog IC design / use of ultra-low CMOS technology (VCO, ADC, LNA and receiver radio source energy use)
Ta Thi Kim Hue:
• Coupled Nonlinear Systems: Cellular Neural / Nonlinear Networks, Complex Networks.
• Circuit Theory & Designs: Digital processing system, Digital transmission system.
• Security Communications: Chaos-based Security, Cryptography system
Vo Le Cuong:
• The image processing algorithm and hardware implementation.
• Architecture, CCD and CMOS technology.
• Smart Sensors and smart camera system.
• VLSI architecture to enhance performance of integrated circuits.