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Department Telecommunication Systems


Experiment areas: 




Experiment areas


Analog electronics


Radio Frequency and Microwave


Antennas and propagation


Television engineering: color television, digital television










Laboratories: Antenna and microwave laboratory, Television technology laboratory, Analog electronics laboratory.

The department of telecommunication systems proceses three laboratories: Antenna and microwave laboratory, Television technology laboratory, Analog electronics laboratory for the students to do laboratory excercises on electromagnetic field theory, antenna and microwave engineering, television engineering, analog electronic circuits. With the staffs who were basical educated and highly enthusiasm and laboratory facilities are now being invested and upgraded, we contribute in guiding experiment for such a huge amount of students in all programs: undergraduate programs, talented engineers programs, excellent engineers programs, advanced programs, higher programs, in service programs,... with about 3000 students per year.


Msc. Le Quang Thang, in charge of the analog electronics laboratory.

Eng. Vu Thi Huong, in charge of the electromagnetic, microwave and antenna laboratory.

Eng. Ngo Thi Phuong, in charge of the television technology laboratory.



1. Electromagnetic field theory experiment

Address: C9 – 309A.


Laboratory excercies or experiment aime to strengthen the realistic basical knowledge about electromagnetic field theory for the students. In addition to the knowlege in the lecture, after studying and doing experiments, students will understand all the rules of electromagnetic field, electromagnetic wave and its specific parameters. Students will know how to solve the electrodynamic problems, how to calculate field parameters and how the electromagnetic wave propagates in different conditions. On that basic, the students will learn about principle and specific basic of electromagnetic radiation components (antenna) and high frequency transmission line.

With the standard facilities of LabVol:

SWR Meter


Power Meter


Gunn Oscillator Power Supply


Gunn Oscillator


Variable Attenuator


Waveguide Support


Fixed Attenuator


Connection Leads and Accessories



Students carry out the following laboratory excercises:

  • Laboratory excercise No. 1: Measure parameters of transmission line
  • Laboratory excercise No.2: Radiation pattern, directivity of some different length dipoles.
  • Laboratory excercise No.3: Using the Smith chart to calculate high frequency load and transmission line.
  • Laboratory excercise No.4: Radiation pattern of surface radiation antennas


2. Television technology experiment

Address: C9 - 309B


These laboratory excerises or experiments help students to improve basic knowleged about television engineering, about color television principles, digital television technology (digitalised television signal, transmission mode of ditgital television signal, introduction of the modern television systems).


Mepeg2 Video Emcoder PYXIS MKII

Company BRACO

COFDM Modulator

Company BRACO

DVB receiver

Company MSD

Advanced TV & Sat Lever

Company Prolink_3+

Color Televíion Trainer

Hanoi University of science and technology


Students will do the following laboratory excerises:

  • Laboratory excercise No. 1: Priciples of television
  • Laboratory excercise No. 2: Color television
  • Laboratory excercise No.3: Digital television: Digital modulation - Signal compression


3. Analog circuits experiment

Address: C9 - 310


These laboratory exercises provide basic knowledges and skills about analyzing, calculating and designing analog circuits, as well as skills about building and measuring parameters of an electronic circuit to the students.


Oxilo CS4125


Function generator


Counter FG_2002


DC Power Supply PS-303


Analogue & digital Electronícs

University of science and technology

Dell Optiplex GX755


Students will do the following laboratory excerises for the analog circuirt I course:

  • Lab. Excerise No.1: Feed back
  • Lab. Excerise No.2: Signal amplifying circuits
  • Lab. Excerise No.3: Frequency response
  • Lab. Excerise No.4: Resonant amplifier and wide band amplifier
  • Lab. Excerise No.5,6: Power amplifier
  • Lab. Excerise No.7,8: Operator amplifier circuit

Students will do the following laboratory excerises for the analog circuirt I course:

  • Lab. Excerise No.1,2: Oscillator circuit
  • Lab. Excerise No.3,4: Modulation
  • Lab. Excerise No.5,6: Detection
  • Lab. Excerise No.7,8: Power supply circuit
  • Lab. Excerise No.9,10: Pulse generator