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Department Communication Engineering

Dr. Nguyen Tai Hung


Nguyễn Tài Hưng (PhD)

Office: Room 412 C9

Email :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel : + 84 9 0321 7248

Fax : + 84 4 3869 2241


-          Computer Networks

-          Telecom network planning & management

-          Fundamentals of data communication networks

-          Communication Engineering

-          Service Development Platform for NGN (Graduate)

-          Broadband Networks (Graduate)

Research Interests:

-          Service Creation & Delivery Technologies (IMS, Parlay X, SOA, Web 2.0)

-          Next Generation Network Architecture (NGN, IMS, ePC)

-          QoS/QoE Mechanims and Models

-          Mobility management on next generation networks

-          Cloud Computing & Internet of Things



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Master Students

     04 (undertaking)

PhD Students

01 (undertaking)


Seeking for (Master & PhD) candidate of conducting researches on:

-          Policy Decision Making and Enforcement for 3G and 4G networks Architecture

-          Service Brokering and Orchestration on SOA and IMS hybrid networks